Travel Diaries

I call this series of posts “Travel Diaries,” because they are essentially the ramblings of stories that you would expect to find within the pages of a personal diary or journal. However, this is easier to share with my mom so, I’m now subjecting the internet to my hot takes, my lame humor and our endless travel fails. Enjoy!

ROME, ITALY Through My Lens

Telling my story of Rome, Italy through photos. Captured with a Nikon D3300 (+ a few from my iPhone XR) and edited in Lightroom. I plan to update this post eventually, filling in the details of these stories with words, but, for now—enjoy this aesthetically pleasing photo series of one of the most incredible, historical…

Destination: Barcelona

In November, my brother, David, flew from Seattle to Málaga to visit Jake and I. After spending three days showing him around our gorgeous city (all-encompassing Málaga travel guide to come), we hopped on a plane to embark on a ~Barça-Madrid Travel Weekend Extravaganza~ (oddly enough, the name didn’t stick). Before I travel to any…

Destination: Munich & Hamburg, Germany

Jake and I kicked off our European travels with a bang—or, more accurately, with the loud, shattering *clink* of glasses bigger than our heads colliding in the air. We made it to Munich for Oktoberfest 2019 and if there was one German word we quickly became familiar with, it was “Prost” (cheers). However, we had…

Destination: Granada, Spain

While I haven’t felt inclined to write about every individual trip I have taken while abroad, my time in Granada left a greater impact on me than most – one I don’t want to soon forget.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Current location: Transavia aircraft, Amsterdam bound. I feel the ground move beneath me, I hear the sound of an unfamiliar language over the intercom, and I see the city lights below me begin to grow smaller and smaller.

Not in Kansas Anymore

If by some miracle you have somehow managed to allude yourselves from my instagrams, tweets, snapchats, or Facebook posts… I am studying abroad in Alicante, Spain for the Spring semester of my junior year of college.

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