IBT Industrial Solutions – Content Marketer

Technical, Short-Form Articles

Project description: Under my previous employer, IBT Industrial Solutions, I wrote 3-4 technical articles a month for the company e-newsletter, PrimeMOVER. The primary objective of these articles were: to support and promote supply partners, to engage and educate customers and to increase organic traffic to the website through SEO strategies.

Below, I have spotlighted four of the many articles I’ve written, each of which ranks as one of IBT’s top pages in Google Analytics and continues to perform well over a year later. Click to read the full articles.

Brushed vs Brushless Motors—& How They Impact Your Power Tool’s Performance

Roller Chain Installation—A Guide To Trouble-Free Operation

Are Your Bearings Really Considered ‘Food Safe’?

How to Tension a V-Belt (& How Not to)

Social Media Posts

Project Description: At IBT Industrial Solutions, I managed the company social media channels—from ideation and content creation to writing and scheduling. Here are a few samples of the organic social content I would publish to Facebook on a weekly basis

Video Scripts

Project Description: During my time at IBT Industrial Solutions, our marketing team worked with a local video animation group to create this video highlighting IBT’s Grain business. I wrote the script, which the animators then used to build storyboards and, ultimately, bring our vision to life. I greatly enjoyed being a part of this process and gaining experience in video script writing.

Audio Scripts

Project Description: In addition to video scripts, I had the opportunity to write a variety of audio scripts for both radio commercials and the IBT company on-hold messaging system.

IBT partnered with Learfield Sports to advertise with 30+ radio stations across the country during Kansas State Football Games. I wrote three concepts—two 30-second pre-recorded commercials and one 10-15-second script to be read live by the announcers during starting lineup. Click the links below to hear the audio files.

KSU x IBT Commercial – “Calling an Audible” Audio File
KSU x IBT Starting Lineup Ad – “Make The Play With IBT” Audio File

Print Copy

Project Description: Though IBT didn’t do many print ad campaigns, direct mail pieces, etc. during my time there, I did get a few opportunities to write copy for print sales collateral, such as this Purclean Conveyor Belting brochure.

This brochure project is especially significant to me because I not only wrote the copy, but I also shot the featured product photos AND designed the layout in Adobe InDesign. Getting to dip into my creativity and love for design to see this piece come together from concept to print on my own accord was extremely rewarding.

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