Education Abroad, Kansas State University – Social Media Director

✩ Social Media Planning and Strategy ✩

Project description: As the Social Media Director, I was the sole voice of Education Abroad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I collaborated with various members of the team to build a content strategy, then, developed content ideas, maintained an organized content calendar and, ultimately, wrote and scheduled the posts through Hootsuite.

Organize + Manage Social Media Content Calendar

✩ Visual Content Creation ✩

Project description: The other component of being a Social Media Director was creating and designing all of the visual elements across the three social platforms. I had some fun using Canva for day-to-day #travelinspo posts, but a majority of the graphics I designed in Adobe Illustrator served to raise awareness of various office programs and initiatives, as well as increase engagement.

Create Visual Elements for Social Campaign Promotion

✩ Campaigns ✩

Project description: The #ScholarSpotlight campaign was my pride and joy. Brilliant K-State students were doing incredible things with their overseas experiences after being awarded federal Pell Grants and I wanted to develop an awareness campaign that, not only shared their stories and celebrated their accomplishments, but also encouraged other students to apply for the same international scholarship.

#ScholarSpotlight Guide + Posting Schedule

✩ Policy and Procedure Writing ✩

Project description: A major takeaway from my time at Education Abroad was the value of being prepared and documenting your strategy well. The Social Media Directors before me had left me with clear and concise documentation of the role and, while it was a great start, I felt that there was a large piece of the puzzle missing—an Internal Social Media Policy. By outlining the purpose of the office’s social channels, as well as the rules and regulations for posting, future directors could be better educated about whether or not a post is on-brand, appropriate, etc. This would, ultimately, strengthen the EA brand and ensure a more seamless transition between Social Media Directors and their successors.

The second major documentation that I wrote from scratch for Education Abroad was a crisis communication plan. The initial idea for the plan was born out of an experience I had dealing with hateful comments on an Instagram post, but it got me thinking even bigger and I wanted to develop a plan-of-action and establish a chain-of-command for who to contact in case of a crisis. I took a crisis communications course in college and learned that it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

Internal Social Media Policy + Crisis Comm. Plans

✩ PR Writing ✩

Project description: I was fortunate enough to be on staff when the Education Abroad re-branded themselves from the “Study Abroad Office,” because it was great experience! I wrote the official news release announcing the change, took part in various other campus communications and educational initiatives, and executed a social media re-brand campaign.

News Release Announcing Re-Brand

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